Atlanta based saxophonist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/producer; Zdany Chisholm is a native of Tampa, Florida. He began his melodic life as a tot beating on pot and pans in his mother’s kitchen. Inspired by his musical family, he played his way from the kitchen floor, to churches, all the way to Europe. Every show was an opportunity to exploit his musical talents and further the development of his passion.

Zdany is a graduate of Florida A&M University and a former member of the Marching 100. While residing in Tallahassee, he performed for the mayor, other dignitaries, and the capital city residents with many great musicians, including his own band, Minor7even. Zdany has performed at many weddings, parties, and charity events, like the Big Bend Back to School Community Experience, the Lincoln Center Health Awareness Block Party, MusicFest: Sounds of Hope – sponsored by the Refuge House for Victims of Domestic Violence, Jazz for Justice, a celebratory gala for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a 2008 Inauguration Gala for President Obama.

He has received numerous awards, nominations and accolades for his outstanding leadership, dedication and superior musicianship of his craft. He was a recipient of the much acclaimed John Phillip Sousa Award and the Gospel Music Workshop of America Award for Musicianship to name a couple. “Only what you do for Christ will last,” the humble man quotes his mother.

Zdany’s musical influences are great in number and are not genre specific. He believes that everyone from the “greats” to the “not-so greats” have a voice and something can be learned. However, he does have his list of inspirational favorites.

Zdany is currently the Solo Saxophonist for Cody Chestnutt, whose music blends elements of rock, funk, soul, blues, and hip hop. Zdany recently performed at the legendary 2011 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, sharing the stage with Larry Graham with Graham Central Station, and Bootsy Collins.

In addition to being featured on several CD projects, he has just released his debut album, Genesis, which highlights his diverse musical and producing interest. The album offers a little something for everyone and will keep you moving and grooving at the same time. The album can be found on his websiteCdbabyiTunes & Amazon.

Zdany can also be seen performing at numerous local venues in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find out more about Zdany at his web site: 

Mr Chisholm plays/endorses Sax Dakota Soprano Sax model SDSS-1024 exclusively.