Rick Parma was born and raised in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. Rick has always wanted to capture an audience with his passion for music since he was 8 years old. At the age of 14 he was given his first tool to make that happen when he picked up the saxophone. Twenty years later, he has developed his voice as his second tool to continue this life- long dream.

Rick’s SAX: This artist is driven by a passionate, direct approach that creates something more than just a skilled instrumentalist. When Rick plays his saxophone, he focuses on the “feeling”. Music is first and foremost an expression. It’s about the energy that gets released in a room, when musicians can create just that perfect vibe… that feel, and that charisma, which, in a moment, feeds back to the audience, whose response goes back to the band….. just like the spark needed to complete that moment.

Rick’s Voice: Then he takes the microphone… everything that he has ever known about music through his saxophone, has now seamlessly switched gears and redirected to his lips and vocal chords. What you hear now, is a controlled full-range voice with power, sweetness, tonality, flexibility, smoothness, and style that is awe inspiring.

Rick’s Alto: Dakota Sax Custom finished/Signature SDA-XR82 Alto Saxophone with a #7 Jody Jazz Super Jet mouthpiece and a 2 1/4 Legere reed.

Rick’s Soprano: Dakota Sax Custom finished/Signature SDSC-909 curve Soprano Saxophone with a 5* Otto Link mouthpiece and a Legere 2 1/4 reed. Rick uses a Shure wireless microphone system and a Shure BETA 98H microphone

Website: RickParma.com/booking

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.com

Email: saxman@rickparma.com

Phone: 877-200-2651