Oscar was born in Argentina and has grown to become the most relevant and popular Jazz and Classical Saxophonist in South America. His story is written out in detail below in his own personal way….a modest yet most talented musician.“My first interest in music began when I was three years old with a plastic flute. I was able to play some simple songs within a week. In the primary school, they put together a small band and I got to choose the saxophone which I quickly started playing. When I was 7 years old I heard Gato Barbieri, who was very exciting and I knew for sure that the saxophone was for me 100%.  I continued studying sax from then on.”

“For me, the saxophone is the most wonderful instrument that was ever invented. It is most similar to the human voice and generates sounds, nuances, and harmonicas that excite and please me. I was guided in music by my Mother who played Piano and my Father who was a professional Tango singer.”

“Since 1990 I have been teaching students of all ages individually. That is the best and only way for me to convey my musical interests. For example, today I have students of the highest performing level throughout the world who accompanied great artists like the Joe Coker, Ricardo Montaner and many others.”

“At the age of fifteen I found myself doing professional recording and playing in all the venues that most musicians aspire to. Now, at age 58, I can look back on almost 50 years of performing, recording, teaching and writing film music within the pro music genre. My lasting passion for the saxophone always motivates me. The passion and the emotion it generates in me relates to such beautiful sounds which I love and enjoy. Playing continues to be very much of my life and I like to share with the people who enjoy my interpretations”.

“I am very proud of my eldest daughter, Tamara Kreimer who was born with a saxophone by her side and at the end of her first year and before knowing how to speak, she placed the position on her lip and ask me to help her make a sound.
Today, she is a great saxophonist and the pride of her father.”

Oscar has worked with national and foreign figures, with whom he shared recordings and theatrical and television shows. These include:

• Mercedes Sosa • Abysmal
• Anacruz • Sergio Dalma • David Lebón 
• Pedro Aznar
  Sandra Mihanovich
• Celeste Carballo
 • Marilina Ros • Franco De Vita
• Abysmal • Anacruz
• Antonio Tarragó Ros • Victor Heredia
• Rubén Juarez • ChangoFarías Gómez
• Pepe Colángelo • Antonio Agri
• Senior Sextet • Ruben Rada

He has acted on Television in programs viewed with a 60 point Telefe rating in a production by Gerardo Sofovich, doing the opening musical. He was also part of the cast of one of the cycles written by Juan Alberto Badía and participated in each of his ventures. Since 1990, the time when he recorded his first CD, he developed his solo career, winning several awards, including the “Estrella de Mar” for the best musical show in 1992. He performed on the soundtrack of the film “CONVIVENCIA” as a composer and soloist, which was awarded a series of honors at home and abroad.

He also participated as an interpreter in the music of several films, advertising jingles and previews of television programs. He participated in the show “Tango Pasión” at the Theater “Champs Elyssé”, in Paris, France in all 26 performances. He has toured several countries of South America and Europe with different groups and soon returns to the country to continue with his native music.

In 2000 he formed a sextet, paying tribute to the master Astor Piazzolla and Gerry Mulligan. Presenting his CD “Oscar Kreimer Sextet”, Twenty Years Later “.  Soon after,the Oscar Kreimer Sexteto began its presentations in the year 1999 in different theaters with rave reviews from critics. He performed the show “Tangos For The New Millennium” together with the Piazzolla Foundation. He is currently dedicating his time to finishing a new project, a “Tribute to Argentine and Latin American Folklore” with his new quartet.

You can contact Oscar at: oscarkreimer@hotmail.com

Oscar Kreimer is Sax Dakota’s resident Argentina Endorsing Saxophonist performing exclusively on our model: SDA-XG-404 CUSTOM ALTO.