Jonathan Kilgore realized the potential of his musical talent at the young age of 12. His love for the Creator, coupled with the desire to share his heart through song that encourages the hearts and souls of all people, has propelled Jonathan to become a saxophonist extraordinaire! Jonathan exhibits this passion and unique gift by way of jazzy saxophone performances without compromising the message. He believes that “music has a way of helping, healing and delivering broken hearts and weary souls.”

With his extensive musical experience spanning over two decades, this young, astonishing musician’s prowess has helped Jonathan to cultivate relationships with both gospel and jazz renowned artists across THIS COUNTRY and THE GLOBE. He has appeared in across Georgia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Chicago, California, New York, Mexico, Kenya Africa, and traveled to Cape Town South Africa this summer for a series of seminars and live performances.

He has appeared frequently on local and national television shows as well as many national conferences, festivals, and events including “Good Day Atlanta”, the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta GA, The Montreaux Music Festival and The National Black Arts Festival.

Along with all of Jonathan’s National & International appearances, he passionately performs at local churches, local schools, nursing homes, retirement facilities, prisons, substance rehabilitation centers, and community events. Through his music, Jonathan hopes to ignite the passion that is inside others and encourages them to live their life to the fullest and become passionate about what they are on earth to do & become!

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Jonathan endorses and plays his Dakota Saxophone model SDA-XG 303 Alto exclusively at all venues and performances.