Wilfredo “Fredy” Correa, Saxophone master and producer extraordinaire, brings a certain upbeat enthusiasm to every song. Currently residing in Texas, Fredy was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he learned the sax, drums, and keyboard at a young age. Known for his passionate joy and natural talent, he dedicates his music to the service of the Lord. As a previous Sax Lead and music director for one of Puerto Rico’s largest congregations and now one of the Sax Lead for the second Houston’s largest Hispanic church, he is lauded by fellow musicians as musical treasure of true artistry.

The only thing that matches Fredy’s ambition is his versatility. As a previous owner of Digital Lab Recording Studio in Puerto Rico, he has the opportunity to collaborate and work with Sony Music, PMG, Música Simple Records, Real-Worship and Universal Music Latino as a producer, musician, studio engineer, arranger and/or editor.

Fredy’s musical journey began when a group of childhood friends form the Elienaiband, where he played Sax and Keyboard. Their hits “Mision” and “Solo Jesus” ranked in the Puerto Rico Christian Music Top 10 songs for over 6 months. In 2007, the friends conceived a new band, “ID7”. Their hit single “NO lastimes mi corazon” was dedicated to ending child abuse. With its original sound and powerful message, the song was used in TV campaigns and children’s rescue centers around the world.

After this initial success, Fredy went on to play or record with Rene Gonzalez, Son by Four, Carlos Manuel, Daniel Calveti, Nirmita Hernandez, Esencia, Noel Schajris, Victor Santiago, NOTA, Cristian Pagan, Lourdes Toledo, Las Hermanitas Rivera, Job Gonzalez, Alpha, Coreb, Lorena Warren, Judy y Linda, Migdalia Rivera, Yadira Coradin, Karen Barreto, ID7, Elienai, Harvey Soto, Samuel Hernandez, Sulay, VDA, Michael Rodriguez, Nancy Amancio, Tercer Cielo, Jonathan Ocasio, Roberto Orellana, Contigo Andrea, Verzatyle, Ezequiel Colon, Patricio Vasquez, Marcos Yaroide, Cepa Viva, Wanda Benitez, Coalo Zamorano, and many others.

As the first Puerto Rican / Hispanic musician to be endorsed by Sax Dakota, Fredy eagerly represents this oytstanding brand while blessing others with his music. He is perpetually inspired and supported by the selfless love of his family. He is currently producing an album that takes a step back from the speed and flashy tricks of mainstream saxophone players and focuses instead on creating an atmosphere of prayerful worship.

Fredy currently works as a Reliability Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry. When he’s not working or raising his instrument to the glory of the lord, he can be found recording music in his new studio, shooting hoops, or volunteering with local community programs.

Fredy has enthusiastically joined the Sax Dakota family as an endorsing artist. Fredy’s Alto Saxophone, SDA-1000 Matte Silver finish is from the famed Sax Dakota Co.

You can find out more about Fredy on his website: www.fredysax.com

Or contact him: fredysaxpr@gmail.com