“Diggin Dirt” is an eight-piece soul/funk/reggae group built for music festivals. The California boys proved it this weekend at High Sierra where they played an evening set and a late night, opening for Galactic.

As young musicians on a big stage, they were completely wide-eyed last year. They started with an empty Vaudeville tent and created the party one funky lick at a time. This year, the audience was primed and ready. Their percussionist was simply checking his triangle on the mic and the crowd went wild.

“There’s still a sense of something to be proven,” Alder said. “Just like last year, we have to do our best.”

“Diggin Dirt” is six feet deep in musicianship, and atop that, Alder writes layered songs. The first layer is what he’s trying to convey, the second is what the listener picks up. “Leather Tramp” is written from the perspective of a migrant worker, coming through Humboldt and ending up in destitution. A problem they see firsthand all the time.

“That line has always spoken to me personally,” Baritone Saxophonist Tyler Martin said. “I like looking around me and am feeling a brotherhood.” Tyler Martin plays and enthusiastically endorses  his Dakota SDB-62 Raw Bronze Baritone Sax at all venues.