“There are people here in my area that really love jazz… the kind of people that would not go to most Jazz venues. For the simple reason that they are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Every year there is this amazing party I play with jazz pianist David Newman’s jazz group with Pete Bainbridge on bass. World class players, a joy to play with. It is a special and interesting event… yet they love and ask many questions about the Dakota Straight Tenor.”

“The ones who keep returning year to year, are very aware of it and frequently take pictures of the sax… and the bar staff digs it, as does the girl that used to play Alto Sax in the high school band.”

“Once they get past the unique shape and image of the sax, which is beautiful of course, they are intrigued with the sound. This was a standard type of gig as you can see from the photos, performing great standard songs, some blues and some nice swing and jazz.”

“There you have it!! This instrument is intoxicating once you started to listen to it and enjoy its mellifluous tone and timbre.”

— Tim Price