The Chicago Theater… a Chicago landmark for decades. . . was the venue for a great show featuring Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons on Saturday, June 2nd. The astonishing Sax Artist, Rick Keller led the wind section throughout the show with his Alto, Flute, Sop Sax and keyboards and was featured as the main back-up performer to Frankie Valli.

We followed Rick from his dressing room to the Green Room and then to the sound check and finally to the live show that kicked off around 8:15 PM. This was a special treat to work this closely with Rick as he readied himself for another night performing on stage for over 2,000 passionate fans who came to sing along with Frankie and his 4 Seasons back-up vocalists.

If you’ve seen Jersey Boys… you must get in line and buy a ticket for a Frankie Valli show… this is the “real thing”. These are the “real” Four Seasons, live on stage with Frankie still doing what he did 30-40 years ago… and that’s bringing back (in person) all those great exciting tunes that made him famous in the past.

Rick Keller performed flawlessly throughout this non-stop 1 hour 45 minute show and took his bows throughout the event. It’s both special and inspirational to see this 16 member musical group generate so much excitement for the crowd. The applause was still echoing long after the second encore by Frankie Valli. Rick Keller (as usual) played his Sax Dakota Alto Sax throughout the show.