When every detail is an expression of craftsmanship and skill.... Sax Dakota has it all. We offer the finest Alto and Tenor Saxophones available in the market today.

When performance influences design...Sax Dakota does it like no one else can. We go the limit with beauty, function and aesthetics. It will outperform like no other Sax you have played.

You can select from an assortment of body finishes that have raised the level of excellence in taste, lines, texture, recognition and luxury. We've elevated function and design to inspire every owner to higher levels of expectation.

These exceptional saxophones are absolutely loaded with every advanced feature a player could ask for!

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Model Number Description Suggested U.S. Retail Price

This innovative model combines all the exceptional features of our XR and XG series to create the finest Saxophone ever designed and built. Large 5.32” graduated bell size, “low profile” key cups/pads, “fast taper” neck design, double key arms & triple position neck strap rings. All these features plus the body/bow/bell are plated in a rich semi matte Black Onyx finish over our exclusive BRONZE ALLOY. Inside of bell is bright Black Onyx.

All keys/trim are 100% RAW BRONZE ALLOY as our 82 model is described with no lacquer or plating. The neck is finished in brilliant Silver plate with elaborate engraving. The bell/bow and body are also extensively hand engraved in the tradition of French artisans. The sound/timbre is perfect in all registers with intonation at an optimum level of accuracy. There is no equal to this model on the market today.
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The “BRONZE AGE” is back in style again. Now, that search is over. DAKOTA has reclaimed history with the introduction of its new XR SERIES of Altos & Tenors. Raw BRONZE replaces lacquered brass in 2017. This is not about “bogus” vintage. This is the real thing. Same mechanical specifications as our existing models except for Bell/Bow size & design borrowed from the ‘30s. Alto: 4.75” Tenor: 5.95”, both with a gradual taper from the bow collar. Elaborate Bell /bow/neck hand engraving and confirms this instrument as a new benchmark of excellence. $3,775.00
SDA-XG 303
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Custom shop “hand burnished” Antique finishing of our Rose Brass alloy makes this model a “must” for players looking for full range sonority, solid tonal center and a crisp edge in all registers. A rich assortment of Black, Gray & Charcoal Mother of Pearl key tips completes this exceptional instrument. $3,375.00
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Silver bell, bow & neck contrasted against a Metallic Black Onyx Body enhances the 18 Carat Gold Plated keys/key cups & trim to reflect both quality and luster. This model is constructed with the same alloy specs as our SDA-XL series and appeals to high profile artists seeking an “on-stage” horn that stands out above the rest. $3,375.00
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Adolph Sax invented saxophones that were only straight. Years later, they were ‘re-shaped’ for ease of playing. This Straight Alto sax is the finest modern version of what Adolph designed over 150 years ago. Solid Stainless Steel rods guarantee fast/secure key pad closure. Double key arms enhance the smooth action of all keys and tables. This is a new beginning for players who want their own identity in sound, performance and recognition.
Available only in Gray Onyx.
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This superb model saxophone is designed for any pro player looking for an Alto that meets his or her every need. Its extra large 5.32” graduated bell design with 77% Copper content brass alloy plus our thin “low profile” pads custom fitted into every key cup guaranteeing outstanding resonance, intonation & timbre makes this model a must for any professional player! Available in Satin Silver with Gold Plated Keys and Trim. $3,175.00
Same specs as SDA-XL-110. Available in Gray Onyx with Silver Plated Keys and Trim. $3,175.00
Same specs as SDA-XL-110. Available in Bright Silver Plate with Gold Plated Keys and Trim. $3,175.00
Model Number Description Suggested U.S. Retail Price
This artist approved Tenor has all the specs and features as described in the-SDA-XR 42 except the bell size is 6.26 at the bell flare. Stainless steel long rods guarantee instant closure and rapid response at all times. Harmonics, in all ranges, are “true” and accurate. Owning and playing this model will be an ultimate reward and experience at any venue.
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Same details/specs as SDA-XR 82.
Click here for a review of the SDT-XR 92 by Christopher Mickel, D.M.A.
SDT-XG 505
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This Tenor Sax has the same specs as our SDA-XG 303 Alto. Its true tapered graduated large bell plus custom designed Italian premium pads/boosters complete this model’s claim as a “Powerhouse” Sax designed for those who want everything in a Tenor Sax. “Low Profile” key cups designed for minimum key travel and positive closure add speed and fluidity to the most complex passage. $3,675.00
SDT-XG 606
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Pro Players chose this model over any other sax available. They want maximum brilliance, rich tonality in every register and solid focused sound along with optimum audience recognition. They got it all with this Dakota model. The specs for this model are the same as our SDA-XG 404 Alto. $3,675.00
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Performing live/on stage with our exceptional Straight Tenor Sax will quickly set you apart from the others. In a world of mediocre Saxophones, your Dakota Straight Tenor will bring your audiences to their feet…amazed with its mellifluous timbre/resonate sound. You must get "on board" with this cutting edge Tenor Sax…you'll love it. Specs are the same as the SDAS-1020. Available only in Gray Onyx. $4,175.00
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Tenor sax Artists will love the action of our left hand pinky plateau table. It is smooth, solid and fast. Sleek double key arms coupled with solid stainless steel rods guarantee instant pad closure action. Its exclusive 6.26” graduated large bell design will carry every note to every listener! All other specs are the same as listed for our SDA-XL-110 Alto. Available in Satin Silver with Gold Plated Keys and Trim. $3,375.00
SDT-XL-220 Same specs as SDT-XL-210. Available in Gray Onyx with Silver Plated Keys and Trim. $3,375.00
SDT-XL-230 Same specs as SDT-XL-210. Available in Bright Silver Plate with Gold Plated Keys and Trim. $3,375.00
Model Number Description Suggested U.S. Retail Price
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This "Retro" one-piece tube Straight Soprano design was conceived decades ago as the only 'real' Soprano Saxophone built in the world. No turbulence, no steps in the tube & no collar screws. Only pure tonality, solid/focused projection with perfect intonation in all registers. Using our original post-to-body design, we've captured the essence of how a Soprano Sax should sound. Available only in Gray Onyx. $2,575.00
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We took our great 1024 Soprano Sax model and dressed it up to look like a 1937 European import that performs like a 2014 Porsche. When it comes to dynamic tactile feel coupled with brilliant timbre and perfect intonation throughout all registers, you've got the best Soprano made in the world today. Hand burnished antique brass finish. $2,775.00
We've added our "RAW BRONZE" alloy to  include our Straight Soprano. It has the same mechanical specs as model SDSS-XG 707 except for faster taper in the upper section of our exclusive design one piece drawn tube. Key inlays are brilliant black NACRE mother of pearl from select Abalone shell. Reduced turbulence guarantees a sound and timbre focused like no other soprano sax on the market. No lacquer with extra-fancy engraving throughout the entire instrument. $2,975.00
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This unique Curve Soprano has all the features of our Straight models while adding the sonorous sound quality typical of curve Saxophones. Rich overtones and harmonics are added to this outstanding model as a result of bell/bow configuration designed to deliver solid/focused tonal projection. Its size makes it the most versatile performance saxophone in our line.
Available only in Bright Silver plate with 18K Gold Trim.
Model Number Description Suggested U.S. Retail Price
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This Baritone Saxophone, with Low "A", was built to satisfy every need of an on-stage or studio professional. Double key arms, oversized 7.48" bell, solid stainless steel rods for critical torque action in the lower range along with slim low-profile pads with hardened steel boosters make this sax the very finest in the world. Available only in Gray Onyx. $5,975.00
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New "RAW BRONZE" alloy as XR 82, XR 92 & XR 72 with same design & mechanical specs as SDB-1400. Plus latest upgraded pad and key cup features and recessed wheeled case. $7,275.00